After the Avalanche

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The situation after an avalanche disaster sends us on an expedition to the highest mountain peak. One month ago, a major avalanche occurred on the mountain massif, hitting the ski center situated there. Luckily no one was seriously injured and no casualties were reported. All the people were rescued following the avalanche and they are now safe and sound.The avalanche occurred when a layer of snow collapsed and slided downhill. But, the avalanche largely destroyed the resort. Heavy snows have fallen throughout much of the region in recent weeks. This tons of snow covered the resort and the roads and surrounding valley. Most of the people`s personal belongings are still trapped there under snow and ruins. That is why our expedition is getting ready to visit the place and find all the trapped objects.Carol and George are guiding the expedition which should climb to the resort. Our guides will lead the team of the expedition to find the personal items of the guests who were accommodated in this recreation center before the avalanche struck.

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