Enchanted Palace

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None of us is an expert in wizards, but for us it always seems like they are the ones who constantly have enormous power and ability to do miracles. But what if even the wizards have crisis and moments when they feel like they are not mighty enough to perform their magic without any trouble?! Where do they find their powers or what they do to get those powers?Well it seems that all the wizards that live in the Kingdome of the great wizard Gabriel, who is master of all the wizards, have some trouble with their magic. They still have their powers but it seems like they could get some boost in order to be even better. Marilyn and the wizard Vincent arrive in the castle of their master.They came here so they could help the master find all the necessary objects, needed for his new magic. This new magic will be used for increasing the power of all wizards that live in the Kingdome of the great wizard. Let\'s search together so we could find out what is needed for strong and powerful magic.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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