The Little Store

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Yeah, almost every neighborhood has that one small store, known by everyone, that seems to be there since forever. Your parents have bought things there, then you, then your kids...and no, it\'s not that same lady that works there all the time. The store might be the same but its owners change all through the years.Kayla and Bobby are the new owners of the small store in their neighborhood. This store is here for many years but the it has never been renovated since its opening. The owners and the workers changed through the years, but no-one changed anything in the store so it is same as it looked at the beginning.And since Kayla and Bobby start something new, they would like to give something personal to this place, They would like to give a modern look to the little store, so they would need some help for that. They invite you to help them for the renovation of the store, so are you wiling to do that? Let\'s see the store and see what we can do. We believe that you will be the one that will help and give some modern look to the place.

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