Strange whispers

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Olivia has beautiful memories from the house where her grandmother lived. She always enjoyed spending some time there, having fun with her grandmother. At the moment, no one lives in the grandmother\'s house. Olivia also hasn\'t visited the house for a longer time, so she decides that it would be nice if she goes there and checks out if it is still in a good condition. Exactly after 3 years, Olivia arrives at her grandmother\'s house. She comes in the house late in the night, willing to see if everything is the same as it was before. The house is empty, but Olivia is kind of surprised by the mystery and the silence of the house itself. The silence might be expected in an empty house but some strange whispers interrupt the silence. That is not something that can be expected from an empty house right? Olivia soon realizes that she is not alone in the house. There is someone who has moved into the house last year and maybe she is not dealing with a person but with something paranormal.Let\'s see what can be expected from this house and help Olivia face the unusual situation.

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