Paranormal Police

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Donna and George are policemen in the special police unite for solving paranormal cases. Yes, there is such a unite and their job is not easy at all. Regular policemen face criminals but those people don\'t work with regular people but with paranormal creatures and happenings, so nothing can be predicted there...This time Donna and George have been called by the farmer Joshua who is convinced that his old and abandoned farm is a place that where paranormal activities happen. He was not capable of dealing with those happenings by himself, so he had to cal them before something worse happened. The two policemen Donna and George have taken really seriously the farmer\'s call so they came on the farm right away, with one single aim – to find out if this is really the place where paranormal things happen.The policemen know their job really good but they could use some help from us too. Let\'s check out the abandoned farm together and find out what is really going on there. even the biggest professionals need help from time to time.

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