Sunken Gold

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There are people who enjoy to search for things that other can\'t find. For some the great challenge is to find lost objects and treasures that others can\'t. Carol is world known adventurous and her mission is to seek lost and sunken treasures. In her career she has a lot of underwater missions when she has found great amount of treasure. Today her location is the Indian Ocean. Her goal is to find the lost gold of royal boat Victory.Her sister Janet is with her and she wants to help in the pursuit. Carol is one of the best treasure seekers that ever lived. She has learned from the best teachers and wants to continue with this thing. She loves to share her knowledge to younger people, she is not selfish. That\'s why she expects this to happen with her mission on the Indian Ocean. She is not selfish, why should you be, our player?We are sure you are going to enjoy this mission and learn something new. Women are very brave and we all know that. They are not afraid to enter adventures and dangerous missions. So Carol has that mission.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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