Paranormal Memoirs

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The two cousins, Cynthia and Janet, have special powers. They don\'t have super-hero powers, but their powers can be seen that way as well. We are talking about paranormal powers, like seeing paranormal things that other people can\'t, communicating with ghosts, and so. And since they have these powers, they always have a lot of work because people like them are very rare. Today, Cynthia and Janet are visiting the abandoned church located in the neighboring village. They are here intending to find out why the priests left the church in a panic. The two girls suspect that it is about some evil ghosts that have been haunting the church and they believe that the priests couldn\'t handle the situation and left the church just like that. But the powers of the girls will help in this situation. They are not afraid of creatures of this type, and they know what to do with them.Let\'s find out what is going on in the village and help the girls finish their job successfully.

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