Within the Walls

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Everyone dreams about the perfect house. That doesn\'t mean that everyone dreams about a house built by the latest building technologies, designed by the most famous contemporary architects, heated with newest heating eco systems, or equipped with most expensive furniture and equipment. The house of our dreams is more a place that seems just great for us. It is more about a place that makes us feel like it is our home, like a place that fulfills our deepest wishes when it comes about home.One week ago, Nicole has bought the house from her dreams. She wanted this house for a longer period of time because she loves the architecture, but also she is very fond of the neighborhood where this house is located, so everything seems just perfect for her. And everything was excellent until this moment when Nicole realizes that things are not always as we plan.After one week living in the house, she finds out that this house is actually full of ghosts who are hidden in the walls of the house. Now Nicola calls her friends Scott and Ruth, to help her be saved from the ghosts.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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