Not Alone

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Someone once said that we are never alone because at every moment, even when we think that there is no one around us, there are someone\'s eyes watching us... Maybe this is more metaphorically and teaches us that we can\'t allow ourselves doing something unjustified because sooner or later, that thing will appear in the surface...However, in Carol\'s case we could take literary this quotation. Namely, Carol lives alone at her property but this night she feels the presence of someone else this night. She goes outside her house to check out what is that thing that makes scary noises. After few minutes Carol finds out that she is not alone at all. Believe it or not, there is a ghost that makes her company on her property.Maybe we can\'t say that a ghost could make her company because who knows how she feels when she realizes that but the fact is that there is no one there except the two of them. Carol will appreciate if we could help her face this extraordinary situation and feels safe on her proper, once again.

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