Like a Dream

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Michelle is a very romantic person. She believes in the device that every day should be romantic, but still, her favorite day in the year is the Valentine’s day. Michelle has a nice, romantic relationship with her partner Jonathan and when it comes to organizing romantic events, she is the one that is in charge of that.Every year, for Valentine’s day, Michelle organizes a romantic weekend for her and her boyfriend, in her mountain weekend house. This is something that she hardly wants to come, all through the year, and when it comes, she takes case of all the details, making everything to be just perfect. Nothing is left by chance, so those Valentine’s days are remembered for a long time, by her and Jonathan.This year Michelle will also organize a romantic weekend at the mountain weekend house, but she likes to make something unique, as always. That’s why she would need some help from us, to give her fresh, new ideas for the organization, so let’s help her organize the most romantic Valentine’s weekend, ever.

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