Perfect Dinner

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We all have different ways of expressing feelings. Some of us choose to be more discreet, more shy and not to show the emotions on the verbal ways. Others choose to be more impressive, with things that even others will easily see and simply to show off. In love relationships it is not important what someone buys to someone else, but what kind of feelings you are going to give to the other person and make him the happiest on earth.Because love very often goes through stomach, combining romantic evening with the tastiest food in a nice restaurant, that could be the perfect combination. We are introducing you this nice lady, chef of a fancy restaurant who always takes good care of her guests.Mia is owner of a restaurant. Very special guests have showed up for this evening. That is to say, unknown boy wants to take his girlfriend on a romantic dinner. Mia wants to prepare everything in advance, so everything will be perfect for this romantic dinner. She can\'t even assume that she is the chosen girl. This game might inspire you to organize a nice dinner for you and your beloved one.

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