Cursed Waters

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This island is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. However, our focus here is not on its beauties. Rather, we\'ll be investigating the mystery that lurks behind the palm trees, the curse that haunts these surrounding waters.This is one of the last uninhabited islands in the Pacific. The island is a very threatening place. It is a hostile place. It\'s not uncommon to hear sailors speak of these cursed waters and dating back to last century where have been reports of boats and aircraft disappearing in the area around the island. The island\'s curse doesn\'t get mentioned until later, when a story emerged to explain the premature deaths suffered by so many of the island\'s visitors.Today this island is avoided by all sailors because of the past tragic events that have happened here. But, Nancy came here to explore the most dangerous place in the ocean where many strange and mysterious things are occurring even to present day. She is here to find out what is really going on in this place and find all the hidden clues on the island.

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