Boulevard of Fear

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The two detectives Mary and Robert have come to the boulevard which is known as the Boulevard of Fear. Years ago, this boulevard didn\'t have such a bad reputation but lately, many of the citizens are frightened by the mysterious steps and the shadows that appear in late-night hours. People don\'t know what is happening there, so they are looking for some explanations that can make them feel less threatened by these unusual happenings.The detectives have been searching around, and they are assured that is about a group of thieves that operates in this area, late in the night. However, they don\'t like to make fast conclusions, so they will explore this case more in detail before they tell anything to the citizens of the boulevard.Let\'s see together what is happening on those streets when everyone is asleep and maybe we will be the ones that will help the police solve this case. That way, we will also help the people who live there feel safe and without a fear that something unwanted can happen to them.

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