Mystery of Silence

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You could never know where can you find romance. Usually it comes when you least expect it and that\'s what makes it so amazing. There is no such a feeling like the feeling of butterflies in our stomach and the excitement related to the whole game of falling in love... However, something the things could take a strange direction, completely different from what we expect...Doris went to visit her aunt who lives in a village. During her visit, all of a sudden, Doris meets a young man that seems very nice. After a short but interesting conversation, the young man invites Doris to come on a cup of tea the next day. He invites her to come in his house.The invitation sounded just fine for Doris because the young man was very polite. However, when she came into his house, the things didn\'t seem that fine and normal. After entering into the house, Doris realized that the house was actually empty. There was no one there are Doris started to feel scared. This whole situation doesn\'t seem to be a perfect first date, so let\'s see what follows.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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