To Serve and Protect

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Richard and Linda have a very responsible job. They are leaders of the guard that is in charge for taking care of the president’s security. The president’s guard take care the president to be always safe and many times they manage to stop certain accidents and dangers, before they even happen. That’s one of the responsibilities of this guard and if they follow every situation and follow their instincts, they are able to predict things and keep the president safe in every situation.Sometimes the reports like this one could be fake, but we can’t ignore the fact that someone has given this report about supposed assassination of the president. There are some evidences that say that someone is preparing assassination, so Richard and Linda, as leaders of the president’s guard, have responsibility to find out who stands behind this and prevent the possible assassination.Now you realize how serious job Richard and Linda have so let’s help them find out if this is true and who is the person who plans this kind of actions.

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