Divine Summer

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When we love someone, we try to do everything for the person. We think of the small things that make our soul mate happy, surprised, joyful. And, when does one understand how much the person loves another one, if not when that person is gone for a while? In such cases we understand how much we can not deal with our emotions and we want the person right next to us. But, if you are careful person and want to make your partner happy, than you would think of surprises or things that she or he loves and make a big fuzz out of it. And than, the sky would be the limit. Because, what is the point if we don\'t do little perfect things for our persons.It\'s been one month since Donald\'s wife is on a business trip in Italy. Donald wants to prepare a surprise for her and without telling her, he arrives in Italy. He wants to make a romantic dinner in her favorite Italian restaurant. Donald has been decided to move to Italy, because he knows that his wife dreams about the same thing.If one of the partners has a good professional occasion to move to another town, country or continent, it is normal the other one to want to follow him.

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