The roommates

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Deborah, Timothy, and Laura are three roommates that have rented an apartment in the center of the city. They have found this apartment on an ad and today is the first day as they enter the apartment. They are very happy because this place fulfills their expectations completely and they believe that they will live there for a longer time.The three roommates will live in this apartment the next year, so they’ve decided that it is good to start with the process of renovation right away. They will start with cleaning out space because they live everything to be perfect. After that, it will be time for adapting the whole place for living. Their job won’t be easy at all but they will do their best, to make this apartment their best living place.Maybe you will be willing to help Deborah, Timothy and Laura clean their place and adapt it for living. We are sure that those three roommates will use your help and they will be very happy and thankful if you help them to finish their job sooner.

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