Hacienda of Secrets

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Mark, Grace, and Anthony are three friends who are always open to experiencing something new. Their adventurous spirit takes them to different places and puts them into different situations, from where they come out with a lot of new knowledge and new experiences. And that\'s what makes them happy. When there is a mixed-up situation of any kind, they are here, ready to take on the new challenge. Mark, Grace, and Anthony seem to have stumbled upon an enigmatic situation. They are determined to solve the mystery of an abandoned luxury hacienda on the west coast. It\'s strange that no one seems to be interested in buying this property, and even more peculiar that the previous owners left in a panic and suddenly offered to sell it. The three friends can\'t find the answers to those questions easily, so they realize that they will need to invest some energy to find out what happened in the hacienda. What can make someone escape from his own home and never come back - is a tricky and delicate question.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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