The Witch Sisters

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Practicing witchcraft is rather challenging thing indeed. We saw in Harry Potter that witchcraft is taught in special schools but also witches and wizards need some practice, so they could become even more proficient in their job. You may realize that it is like in every other profession – the experience and the knowledge is the key for becoming a real pro. Nissa, Lia and Hester are three sisters - witches. They are rather skilled but they always like to improve their knowledge by practice.That\'s why they\'ve decided to travel around the world and learn something more in order to become even better in witchcraft. After a year of living in different parts of the world, the sisters finally come back home. Unfortunately, very soon they realize that their home has been visited by thieves.Their personal belongings are spread all around the house and there is a real mess all around. Nissa, Lia and Hester like to take care of that mess, to find all the belongings, but also to find their golden coins which are very important for them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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