Secret Fairyland

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Fairies live in the world of fantasy and that is a place where there are rules different from the rules of our land. And maybe the fairies know the fairylands, but it seems that some places are still a mystery, even for the fairies.The fairy named Dorothy was flying around when all of a sudden she discovered a secret fairyland. She has never seen this land before, so she decided that it would be nice to explore it. Dorothy will be very happy to find out new things and discover the reason why this land was secret so far. She expects to see new things, maybe to learn something new, hoping that this visit won\'t turn into trouble. She also believes that the ghosts that live in this place will be nice, even though they have been keeping their land secret all this time.Who knows what can b expected from this secret land, so it will be very interesting if we can fly together with the fairy Dorothy and find out what is hidden there. We believe that we won\'t have trouble visiting the secret fairyland and our sweet companion will keep us safe.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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