Lost in a Book

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Maybe not all of us, but the ones that love reading books, at least one time, have felt as we are lost in some book. The power of the books is enormous because while reading the book, the reader has a really close relation with the written text, like we enter into the world presented there. And many times, if the book is written good, the book characters follow us in our everyday life, like they are someone we met outside the book.We look for them behind the corner, we think how will they react in a certain situation and so on. But is it possible to be stuck in the book and can’t escape from there?! hm, that doesn’t sound that logically but...Kathleen is our today’s game character. She feels lost because she finds herself in a world that is completely same as the world described in the book she is reading at the moment. She feels like she is somehow enchanted by the wizard who is a main character in her book and her acts are predetermined by his acts. This strange situation is something Kathleen has never felt before so we need to help her save herself from it.

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