Tracks In The Dust

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In the past, prospecting for gold was even a profession for some people. During the gold rush, the found gold meant a change in lives of many people, a change in the place of residence, but also a change in life habits. Many people moved to California at that time, and prospecting for gold became their daily profession from which they earned money for a living. But things seem to have changed since the gold rush. Namely, today there is only one more family still looking for gold. Sharon and Edward are searching for that last family, carried away by the story that it is the only one. As we mentioned before, the search for gold used to be widespread in this country, but nowadays no one seems interested in it. Sharon and Edward are curious and want to find out the reason why people suddenly stopped looking for gold. It sounds like an interesting and exciting show, right? That\'s why we went together to find out what happened to the gold seekers and to help Sharon and Edward find the truth.

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