Dangerous Vice

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For as long as casinos have been around there have been people trying to cheat them. Casinos usually catch cheaters, and they are usually pretty good at doing so, but sometimes they must reply on the help of the police to resolve a crime. Of course, the most successful cheaters are those that we have never heard of and never will.Mary and James are a detective couple who have been successful in solving all cases for many years. This evening they are located in one of the city casinos where it is reported that a group of well-trained criminals are cheating in the casino games. They are trying to cheat the casino out of substantial sums of money.Mary and James and their team are here to find out who is behind the scam and to arrest the criminals. The detectives must obtain arrest warrants, but first they need to discover the names of the people that dared to try to cheat the casino. The crime scene examination and subsequent search should be done in a careful and methodical manner. In order to be more effective, their team needs help in finding all the hidden clues.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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