King of Fear

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There are so many kinds of kings,the kings of a certain territory are probably the most well known for us. But have you ever heard about a king of fear?! Yes,that kind of a king is also something that exists,even though we are not sure where. Maybe they are among us, but we don\'t realize that...Meet Dominic. This guy is actually a famous vampire, known by the name King of fear. Since he is a king, his main priority is to conquer new territories and new houses because that way he is increasing the range of his kingdom. House by house, the kingdom becomes bigger and bigger, with hope to make it huge. Today Dominic has chosen to enter into one new house, a new target for the kingdom.It is about an abandoned house and his job is to find as many valuable objects as possible. By getting this objects he will increase his treasure and make his kingdom richer. Since this is a very serious task, that asks for a lot of energy, Dominic has invited two assistants Arad and Elenor, to help him explore his new house and his hew part of his kingdom.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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