The New Zookeepers

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When looking for job, some people decide to work everything, just as long as their job provides them material security and makes them feel good about themselves. However, there are certain jobs that require from the future employee to be extra trained, to have certain particular skills, a special education or talent for doing that kind of job. In this group we could count working in the ZOO.Maybe many of us could say that this is their dream job, but we know that in practice things don\'t work as easy as that. First of all people who work with animals have to love animals and not to be afraid of spending the days with them. After that, they have to know a lot about animals because we are talking about living creatures which meas they are as delicate as people and most of their physical needs are same.Emily , Brian and Laura the new employees in the city ZOO. Today is their first day at work, so they need our help around the everyday activities that need to be done here every day. Let\'s check out what is it about and learn something more about the animals in the ZOO.

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