Lucky Opening Night

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It isn’t only about gambling when we are talking about running a casino. Yes, people come there to earn some easy money, but the place won’t attract them to come over and over again, if they don’t feel nice there. Lost money can even take them away from the place but if the place offers them something more, they will come again, hopping that maybe this time they will get lucky.There are a lot of aspects to running a casino properly, from proper food and drinks including attractive environment, to fun games. Everything has to run smoothly so the visitors can can feel secure and beautiful. There is a new casino in the town and Anna, Sophie, and Charles are employees in the new grand casino. The night ahead of them is very important because it is the opening night and they have to make sure that everything is perfect. Let’s help our characters gain trust in this new place by making everything perfect. We are sure that if you invest just little bit more energy into this, together with the others, there will be plenty of visitors.

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