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Being suspicious is not always a good feature of someone\'s character but when it comes to the police and the detectives, being suspicious can be the feature that could help them solve numerous cases. In this situation being suspicious means being alert. They are able to see things that other people can\'t see by following evidences and not that obvious traces. And suspecting in people that seem innocent, could be crucial in certain cases…Patricia is a detective that doesn\'t let anything by chance, but she always likes the justice to be satisfied. Patricia this time suspect that someone from her department helps the criminals and tells them important information. Patricia assumes that every time when she and her colleagues plan to arrest some criminal, there is someone from the department that tells the criminal about police\'s intentions.Patricia doesn\'t like to hide someone from her colleagues so she likes to find out who is the detective responsible for giving confidential information.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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