Thief of Time

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This is a magical and unusual fairytale that talks about something the great wizard Gerald and his powers. Namely, once upon a time, this wizard stole the time. You may wonder how that is possible, but it is because he is a wizard with great power who can do everything, literary! He stole the time, so there are a few days already since the whole land lives in complete darkness. There is no such thing as day and night, only darkness and people stuck in that darkness. But it seems that this won\'t be like that forever. It looks like this girl, Megan, is the person who has enough courage to confront the great wizard. She comes to the village where wizard Gerald lives, intending to convince him to bring the time back, so everything can become normal, as it was before. But it doesn\'t mean that the wizard will agree that just like that, so she has to find a way to convince him and outwit him. Let\'s visit the great wizard Gerald\'s village and see if we can help somehow. He might be great, but we are more, so let\'s bring the time back!

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