Secret Side of the Mountain

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There is not enough adventure in our every day life. And if you don\'t want to have just a boring everyday life filled with things you don\'t want to do, try the adventure of today. If you don\'t have the time to go out and drive the way to some interesting place, than join us in our game. We will surely offer you great adventure. Mountains are full of secrets always. They are offering us the moments of peace and connection to the nature.Spending time up there for at least few hours makes you like a new person. One only has to give a chance, to try. We will take to an interesting mountain that hides great secret. Donna and Kenneth are guides of an adventurous expedition which for the first time after so many years is exploring the secret side of the mountain.A lot of years ago there lived only cowboys and they didn\'t let anyone to enter their territory. Donna and Kenneth together with their team, for the first time have the possibility to see what it was like to live on the secret side of the mountain.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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