Caught In a Trap

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Police officers have to be completely dedicated to their work because everything they do is very delicate. Every missed detail from their work can result with someone being wrongly accused of something and that is a very bad thing. And in order to be always rightful and closer to the truth, sometimes policemen get into trouble. ButBeing close to the truth many times means being close to the criminals. The policeman Paul, put himself into serious danger while he was working on one of his cases. He found himself in a trap, so at the moment, he is trapped in the criminals\' nest. He realizes that the situation is very dangerous and he desperately needs help to escape from them. Who knows what can possibly happen if the criminals catch him in their place, right? This means that we have to act really fast if we like to help Paul escape from this dangerous situation. Let\'s take a look at the place and try to find a way to escape from there. Paul will be very thankful if we manage to do that before anyone walks into that door...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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