Unfinished Story

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Patricia, Robert and Barbara are huge fans of the famous writer Andrew Archer. Searching for some information about him, they find out that many years ago he started writing a book that was never finished. Actually they got a proof about this information from the writer, one day when they finally managed to meet him.This day was very special for them because they could hear everything about his works and his life, something that means a lot for the three fans. But the pleasure and the excitement became even bigger in the moment when the great Andrew gave them a task to find the unfinished book.They felt as they could take part in creating another masterpiece when he told them to go to the house where he lived before and look for all the necessary objects and notes. They have to find them in order to help Andrew finish the book. You may imagine how exciting is this task for the three fans, Patricia, Robert and Barbara. They came at the place, totally amazed by the fact that they are in the house that someday belonged to their favorite writer. The search may begin!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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