Seeking Love

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Martha is very happy because she has managed to find a person that she loves so much. It is about her boyfriend Gerald, who is a really wonderful person and she loves to spend her time with him because he is very kind, very smart and very creative person.This weekend Martha and Gerald planned to spend it together in one romantic resort at the south coast. Gerald has invited her to go there so she arrives at the resort alone, and then she should meet him there. However, when Martha arrives at the romantic resort, she can\'t find Gerald. She is looking for him everywhere, but she can\'t see him nowhere.After a while, Martha starts finding some traces and small letters full of riddles. Gerald has prepared those things and left them behind and Martha will have to follow the traces and solve those riddles if she likes to find out where is Gerald and what is the romantic surprise prepared from her boyfriend. Let\'s help Martha enjoy wonderful time with her boyfriend as soon as possible by helping her solve the riddles.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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