Hollow Place

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Do you believe in magic? Maybe yes or maybe not but Dorothy on the other side is a real expert in magic. She knows a lot about it and she is even an author of some magic spells and other magical text. However, it seems that someone else is also interested in those texts and that someone hasn\'t ask for help or something...Dorothy arrives in the house of fear, a terribly scary place that hasn\'t been visited for years by no one. She believes that she could find the magical words written for fighting the evil ghosts. Those magic spells are her but few days ago Dorothy has noticed that someone has stolen them from her and that\'s why she is here now. She is rather sure that the ghosts that live in this house are responsible for the robbery of the spells so she will do everything to pau things back to their order.You might feel scared from the house of fear but we have to be brave and help Dorothy because that way it is more sure that she will manage to deal with those evil ghosts. Take a deep breath and let\'s go inside this hollow place together.

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