Amulets of Gods

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An amulet is an item that someone might wear or carry around with them in the belief that it will bring them good luck or protect them. There are plenty of amulets that can be bought or found anywhere around the world. People today often carry amulets like a good luck coin.Our heroes today are on a quest to find the Amulets of the gods and save their land and their people. These Amulets are unique in themselves. Their effects are far greater then the usual amulets, though there are other amulets possessing similar effects. The Amulets of the gods are needed for a salvation of entire nationality.Sastra and the dwarf Besar arrive at the place where the magic amulets are located. They are here with one purpose only - to find the Amulets of the gods which are the only rescue for their people. The amulets must be found and be given to the gods. If the gods don\'t receive the amulets, they will become very angry and they will create a great drought which will mean extinction of the entire land. Let\'s help them find the hidden items and save their people.

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