Lovebirds and Butterflies

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While some people don\'t care too much about St. Valentine\'s day, others like to celebrate it properly. It is about the day that celebrates love and love is the most important thing in the world but people often consider that love should be celebrates every day, not just on this day. And the fact that lately, Valentine\'s day has grown into a very commercial day, and the companies try to sell different things presenting them as \'the perfect Valentine\'s gift\'.And we all know that when it comes about love, it is more important to give pure love, not just presents, even though a present could be a nice thing from time to time... Christina for the Valentine\'s day, likes to surprise her fiancé Jack with a wonderful romantic dinner.She likes to prepare this dinner on her own but to make everything perfect, she would need a little help from you. Organizing is not that easy because there are so many segments that need to be considered so let\'s help Christina realize her romantic plan and prepare the perfect romantic dinner.

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