City of Dwarves

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They are small fantastic creatures that children admire. They are common elements of the fairy tales. They are good little dwarfs that usually are hard working, friendly and enjoying life. And is there anyone that doesn\'t know the story of Snow white and the seven dwarfs? Each of them has different character, different thing that makes him special and children adore him. Today we are introducing you with dwarfs who are threatened to be exterminated. And, we are sure that you our dear player wouldn\'t want that to happen.Gendal is a dwarf who lives under the surface of the Earth, together with the other dwarfs. Their kingdom is magical and people mustn\'t find out that it exists. Now, their gold and their entire kingdom could be destroyed by the gold miners who search for gold right above. Gold miners have one thing on mind only - how to get to gold fields!They would do anything to succeed in this mission, no matter if that means doing something bad to others. But, there we have you, you wouldn\'t let this happen to the little kind creatures that look for your help. In this story, unfortunately, as many time in life, people are the bad guys.

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