Royal Secret

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Being part of the royal family is related to certain duties. Some of them are easy to be provided, while others are more demanding and ask for a bigger commitment and loyalty. The duchess Karen and her cousin Daniel have received an order from the queen. It is about something rather confidential and they have to complete the task as well as possible. Namely, the queen has sent them to her summer house, but not on a vacation. They have a serious task in front of them. In the summer house, the duchess Karen and her cousin, have to find some secret objects that belong to the queen. She needs these objects so she can prove that she, together with her husband, has never committed anything bad. Or more precisely, they are convicted about a certain conspiracy against the neighboring kingdom. The duchess and her cousin are here to find those objects and help the queen prove that she is not guilty. Let\'s check out the whole situation, together with the members of the royal family, and try to help the queen prove that she has not done anything bad.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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