After the Credits

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People like to go to the cinema. We may all have learned to watch movies at home in recent years, but the big screen has its magic that cannot be replaced by anything else. Yes, at home maybe our bed and pajamas are more comfortable than the seats in the cinema, but in the cinema, fairy tales come alive and happen in front of us, making us forget ourselves and feel as if we are in some other world, sometimes better, sometimes worse than ours. Well, some viewers are truly forgetful. Margaret, Jason, and Sharon, who are employed in the city cinema, can confirm that. They work in the \"lost-found\" department, and almost after every performance, they have reports about items forgotten in the cinema. Their task is to find all these objects after the cinema projection and take them to one place from where the forgetful visitors will pick them up. The screening has just ended, so it\'s time to start searching for the lost items. Let\'s see what Margaret, Jason, and Sharon will find in the empty movie theater, today.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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