Crime Control

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So, the job of the police is to catch the bad guys, or more precisely, the criminals that have committed some kind of a criminal act. The detectives on the other hand, help the policemen to find the criminals but sometimes they try to do that even before the actual crime happens. The criminals leave traces when they plan the crime and if the detectives have luck, they get into trat trace and they are able to predict what will happen next, according to those evidences.Timothy is a detective that works in the department for detection and prevention of crime. His job is to put under control the criminal in the city and discover it, even before it happens. It might sound hard to achieve but that’s why Timothy is always alert and is able to notice things that other people can’t. Today he also has a similar case in which he will have to try his best to prevent a huge bank robbery.He knows something about this case and he follows the traces that will help him solve it. Let’s help and find out how do detectives work.

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