Suspicious Connection

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The mafia controles the criminal underground. But some evidence indicate that the mob has gone much futher this time and has people inside the police. Now a dedicated team of detectives must find out who are the mob cops.Detectives Richard and Karen suspect that some of their coleagues in the force has suspicious connections with the mafia. They believe their colleagues worked on behalf of the mafia, principally two crime families, while they committed various illegal activities.Detectives also suspect of them collaborating with other criminals and taking money to hunt someone down. When confronted by detectives in the talks over the last days, they say some of their coworkers lied about their ties to the mafia and the organized crime structures.Something here doesn\'t feel right and this is reason enough for suspicion. Detectives Richard and Karen have to find out if their hunch that someone is lying is true and who are the cops that are working closely with the mafia. Their investigation begins in the late hours of the night.

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