House of Hidden Clues

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Richard had an unpleasant surprise. Namely, he found his father dead in his apartment, murdered. He is touched by the death of his parent but there is another thing that has mixed things up and made Richard wonder what is going on.He should have inherited the apartment but someone mysteriously became the owner of the place. Who might be the new owner? Richard doesn\'t have a clue but it\'s definitely someone who has inherited the place through fraud and a set-up. That\'s why he decides to start an investigation about the case. Robert and Anna are private detectives that have been called by Richard to investigate the mysterious death of the father.The two detectives are here to investigate the apartment and find out who is the new owner. He might be someone who is somehow connected to the murder or even the person who is responsible for the murder. It is a big challenge for Robert and Anna to solve this huge mystery so let\'s help them in their investigation. Let\'s follow the traces and see if we could find the answer to the strange happenings.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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