Final Evidence

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Police officers definitely have one of the hardest professions. They face criminals every day, trying to put an end of a certain crime, to find out who was responsible for that crime and so on. They put their life to risk, in order to save others’ lives and that is not something that happens by chance.Helen is a policewoman that at the moment is working on a case of kidnaping. Actually, she is in charge to find the last and the most important evidence in the case of the kidnaped girl Pamela. Looking for that evidence, Helen has come in the house of the suspect and now she has started to look for that particular evidence. This evidence is very important because it will prove that the suspect has really kidnaped Pamela. Helen hopes that she will close this delicate case and the poor girl will come back home.Let’s see how are the police working, when it is time to collect evidences. We have to be persistent, and hopefully, the case will be solved very fast because it is about something very delicate. Let’s start right away.

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