Golf Course Mystery

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Golf is a sport, a type of recreation, and for some people profession. But. there is something about this sport that has turned it into a sport that is mostly practiced by wealthy people. And, the golf clubs\' members are usually those people, while the membership is taken as some privilege. Maybe that is why some strange things were going on in this golf club... The two detectives, Alexis and Louis, get to the famous Golf Club in their city. The reason why they are here is the unconscious body of one of the members of the club. The man is alive, he is recovering at the hospital, but the detectives suspect that something is not as it should be. There is something suspicious about the whole situation, so let\'s see what it is about. Was the condition of the club member result of his poor health, or something is going on, that is threatening his life? Or maybe it is about something that will concern the other members of the golf club too? Let\'s continue the investigation and find out what is going on there.

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