The Moment of Proof

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You have probably heard about the term \'mad scientist\'. It\'s not that the scientists are mad, it\'s just that they are so passionate about their work that they are prepared to spend days and days working on something, excluding the whole world around them.They are dedicated only to their own goals, goals that many times appear to be so important for the whole humanity, but at the moment they look like they live in another world, another dimension. And many times it happens a scientist to \'disappear\' following certain idea. They go to a certain place and stay day as long as they need, forgetting that there are people caring for them...Andrea, Ethan and Ann are detectives who work on a case about a missing mathematician. The mathematician Harold has disappeared three months ago and the detectives are hoping that they will finally find him. Andrea, Ethan and Ann arrive in his house with one single aim – to find enough evidences that will help them solve the mystery about the mathematician\'s disappearing.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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