Beautiful Secret

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What would we do about love? Anything! For the people that bring butterflies in our stomach, we would do interesting things, rare things, such things that will bring joy to the beloved person. For the one you love, you would go to the moon and back. And maybe that looks funny and crazy when you look it from aside, but for the two birds in love that is simply perfect. And when you are in love, you love the whole world around,e ven the enemy is a best friend.If you are a movie fan, you would surely love to visit the locations where your favorite movies have been shot, or your favorite actors have been doing their job. Such story we find in today\'s game. The girl\'s name is Tiffany.Tiffany is situated in a small romantic European village. She is here with her fiancee and wants to surprise him. Tiffany knows that her fiancee is in love with movies and she finds out that in this town exactly in a small hotel a movie scene from one of her favorite films is being shot. She will do anything to reserve that room and to prepare it as it was in the movie, but her beloved mustn\'t find out about the surprise.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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