Wedding Day Rush

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Have you heard of such a thing as a wedding rehearsal? Well, yes, there is that too. Some people see their wedding as the most important thing in their life and want everything to be perfect for this day. It also means checking all the circumstances and all the unpredictable things that could happen at the wedding. These things can be seen best if there is a simulated wedding, before the real one. Ok, Frances doesn\'t go to such extremes, but she also wants everything to be flawless at her wedding. Her wedding is tomorrow, and today she arrives at the place where the ceremony will take place. Frances wants to make sure everything runs perfectly at her wedding and wants to make the final detailed preparations. And it is more than certain that Frances feels a lot of pressure before the wedding, so let\'s help her with the preparations. Together, it will be easier to see what is missing and what needs to be improved, so let\'s start right now and help this girl make a wedding that will be memorable.

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