Scalettas Safehouse

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Some criminal cases are solved immediately, because always there are certain evidences that point out certain suspect. However, when it is about bigger criminal gangs, usually it is not that easy. The reason for that is that every action is planned by many criminal brains, as many as there are in that gang. In that case, the chances for leaving traces and evidences are only few.Detective Jimmy has been working on the Scaletta case for many years. He thinks that today is the day when he will finally get him. Namely, Scaletta and his notorious gang have been robbing places for a long time, mainly banks. Yesterday they recorded a massive heist, stealing a large sum of money from a bank. And even though they believe that this is their best catch, the detectives and police officers traced Scaletta’s safehouse.Today they are breaking in, to see if they can find Scarletta, or if they could find certain evidences that will prove who was responsible for the last robbery, but also for the other crimes.

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