Breaking the Code

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Detektive Brian is a really good detective, a real professional. This time he works on the case of stolen diamonds from the house of the rich man named Jacob.While looking for some traces and evidences, detective Brian during the investigation, has found a safe in the house of one of the suspects. But still, the suspect doesn’t like to cooperate, moreover claiming that he doesn’t know the code of the safe.However, detective Brian knows that the suspect is a huge fan of riddles, he notices that he is using them in his communication, so he decides to work on a way that will challenge the suspect. Actually, the suspect leaves traces through riddles and solving the traces will help solve the case. Or at least, if Brian doesn’t solve the case yet,he will probably find out the numbers of the safe’s code and see what is actually hiding there.Let’s help detective Brian in his investigation by trying to solve the given riddles. We are sure that he will use some help from us, let’s don’t waste his time and star cooperating.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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