Stranger Among Us

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The police and similar authorities should be on the peak when it comes to morality because their principal job is to keep us safe from criminals. However, many times the things around us are not as they should actually be. Sometimes the good and the bad can be mixed up between each other, causing us troubles when we have to distinguish something.It is rather bad and complicated when there is someone bad in the rank of the police, but usually the greed and the wrong interest make people turn to the other side of the law. The policeman Rebecca finds out that someone from her team is more inclined to the criminal, or more exactly, he is more into the mafia then the police.Maybe he was in the mafia even before he entered into the police or he changed his mind when he realized that the knowledge he got from his position, could be used for taking advantages and profit from the mafia too. Rebecca will do her best to find out who is the one that has turned his back to her team and decided to step into the world of the criminals instead of bringing justice.

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