Moonlight Creatures

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The wizard Timothy and his daughter Carol, arrive at the property of the farmer Mark. When there is something unusual going on, Timothy and Carol are here to solve it.And, definitely, there is something strange that happens at the property of this man, every month, when there is a full moon during the night. It is about something that is completely strange and bit scary at the same time, that disturbs everyone.Namely, Mark\'s property is visited by monsters on full moon and those monsters scare everyone around. Without any possible idea what can be done to turn things back to normal, Mark has invited the wizard and his daughter, if they could find a solution for the unusual problem.They are here to face the monsters and make them go away, But to do that, the wizard Timothy and his daughter Carol need to find all the objects that are somehow related to the monsters that appear on the Mark\'s property. Let\'s check out together what is going on here and help them put an end to this scary situation, once for all.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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